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  • Branded mobile app and web dashboard that looks exactly like you want
  • Questionnaires, events calendar and push notifications
Understand your community
  • Study people's needs and requirements
  • Collect their suggestions and input
Info at your fingertips
  • Collect and categorize insights
  • Make insight driven decisions
Connections that matter
  • Build the community's trust and commitment
  • Get instant feedback and start conversations
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This app is an ideal solution in crisis communication. If there is some kind of crisis at the local level, the app is the best channel to inform people - information reaches people quickly and directly.

We feel like with the app the municipality is closer to the community, sort of like in their back pocket, because they can conveniently give feedback and read the latest news. Our app gathers together different municipality pages so it's like a direct channel to get the most important information.

From a local resident's point of view, the app is a convenient solution to communicate your concerns and thoughts. It is important for the local government to know what is done well and what needs to be improved in order to be able to find all the issues that need to be dealt with. The app connects and creates an opportunity for this.

People get and find information on the app better than on social media. There have been cases where we have shared information on each of our channels, but it has gone unnoticed on social media. With the app, it is certain that the necessary information will reach our people.

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